Reconsidering and Researching….


Mission Statement

To reconsider, rewrite and redesign my anarcho-primitivistism collage by research and experimentation of materials and mediums.

I came across nano-technology in the Why Do the Anarcho-Primitivists Want to Abolish Civilization? article. Although I have many ideas of how to use N.T as a theme ( it would make a great graphic novel, illustration or animation ) it is only one of the aspects of technology anarcho-primitivists are fighting against. It would represent them as a whole and it would be very easy to steer away from what I want to achieve in this project.

Quotes and ideas from this article 

“It’s about domestication”-  use graphic design to portray the domesticated human being – could be comical? An advert or Illustration.

“I was on the Art Bell show years ago and he kept saying that to be consistent with my philosophy, I should live in a cave. I said, “Yeah, you’re right, but then this conversation wouldn’t be possible.”” –


An Anarcho-primitivist trying to connect to people without technology – using a stick.

“It won’t happen unless people get tired of more and more mediation. If you’re going to be content to be a zombie staring at your little screen, of course nothing will happen.” – Illustrate zombie computerers!

Tania Bruguera and Artivism

Tania Bruguera is a Cuban installation and performance artist who’s work I love and am inspired by. Although I prefer her performance work, her installations could be great inspiration to approach graphic design in a different way – very powerful images to get a message across.– I could make an animated manifesto video.

http://Documentation of Tania Bruguera’s Tatlin’s Whisper #6 (Havana Version), 2009



  • A smashed computer monitor representing the anarchist.
  • A geometric shape, hanging shrine like, to represent their desire to revert back to hunter gather. Why a geometry? It is the origin of all creation. It is also mathematical equations – what also make a computer.
  • An unplugged cable.
~ A motto of R.I.F.T. (“Revolutionary Independence From Technology”).
  •  At the back of the monitor could be binary code – could be animated.

This piece could be photographed and used as an advert for the Anarcho-primitivist manifesto. …. I need to try to find this book

Experimenting with natural materials to make geometric shapes





IMG_2759Technically these are not geometric because they aren’t measured – It would be very hard to find sticks that are perfectly straight too!
Research continued –
Fluxus and Yoko Ono
The Guerrilla girls
Guerrilla Girls street project at Yoko Ono's Meltdown Festival June 2013

Guerrilla Girls street project at Yoko Ono’s Meltdown Festival June 2013

Jamie Reid
Images I have started to collect that I could relate to the project or that have inspired an idea
The image of the man in the middle – Revert of the modern man back to hunter gather.
The rest of the black and images –  The revert
The two illustrated colour images – The fears of the anarcho-primitivists –  future technology
Monitor Alternatives
My concern with my first idea of the computer monitor is that people won’t be able to relate to it unless they are given information first. With this in mind I came up with three alternatives which are more simple and self explanatory.
I needed to condense my ideas as I was feeling I wasn’t heading in a definite direction so  decided to futher explore what it would look/be like if the anarcho-primitivists achieved what they wanted – the revert back to hunter gatherer. I thought it would be a great topic for a grapghic novel – however it felt to formal as my imagined revert back to hunter gatherer is quite comical. A zine would work and its a good way of not limiting myself with experimentation and styles – I love zines with a collaged feel. I am exploring what I could put in it.
Research/ideas on hunter gatherer
Trolley Hunters – Banksy
hunter gatherer
Images I found in magazines
A story about the survival of the fittest after a the ‘Nature Cruise of the Century’  left passengers stranded on the Galapagos islands. ” A million years on they have quietly evolved into sleek,furry creatures with flippers and small brains.”
Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 10.40.09
 I experimented how I could illustrate the wrinkled skin of a hunter gatherer
Fine liner pen
Photocopy of fine liner drawing with crayon
 Ink spread throught the gaps of white crayon
P1050709Ink over white crayon
                  Magazine cutout                                                Robyn Cummings
This magazine cutout and Robyn Cummings photograph sparked the idea of modern/style concscienceness of hunter gatherer in the form of hair do’s.
My own version –  The mouth and bottom half of the face didn’t look right so I set out to see what else I could come up with.
 Robyn Cumming
These three photograghs  made me think ‘feminine camouflage for the huneter gather’ so I made a short and basic  stop motion video of the idea. (test version)
Different ways of folding books/zines
Cut and paste Zine Examples found online
Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 14.22.09
 I love the fragmented images of this fold out – something to experiment with.
Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 14.22.57
Cut and arrange rather than cut and paste. I like photos of arranged collage rather than a collage itself –  same idea as the images I created earlier changing the face and mouth of my drawn illustration.


Background Ideas


This watered down paint test came out really organic looking which is great but could be too distractive as a background.


After I had found different ways of creating backgrounds using crayon, ink, fabric, paint and plastic bags  I put together some test pages that could go into the zine….

 This combination works – the contrast between the scribbled black crayon, image of the shouting mouth and then the indecisive response to the question. The scribbled crayon also illustrates the sound of shouting. It portays the contradictions of the Anarcho-primitivists well. The text was taken from a Vice interview of Anarcho-primitivist  John Zerzan.


 Experimentiing with fractured images



The text was taken from a Vice interview of Anarcho-primitivist  John Zerzan – I decided to give myself a stonger focus and chose this interview as a narrative to illustrate.

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